Blackbuck Hunting Techniques

Blackbuck Hunting In Argentina:

Since their introduction to the region in the 1920s, blackbucks have become quite the popular hunting target. Originally from India and brought to South America, the blackbuck is also known as the Indian antelope. This creature weighs in around 90 pounds on average, stands about 2-3 feet tall, boasts a running speed that is second in the world only to the cheetah, and has horns and jet black fur that make for quite the unique hunting trophy. Population estimates have thousands of blackbuck roaming through the grassy plains and thin forests that they call home in La Pampa, Argentina.


The hunting season for these animals runs from March to November; blackbucks are mostly active during the day where herds of them will graze the low grasses of plains and search for water. When temperatures rise too high during the summer, blackbucks are much more likely to be seen in the morning and evening as they avoid the extreme heat of the day. The preferred landscape of the blackbuck tends to make the trekking easier on the hunter due to the flat nature and lack of dense forest. To come, we will explore some important decisions regarding gun and ammunition selection for blackbuck hunting before touching on specific blackbuck hunting techniques as well as other general tips and tricks for a successful hunting excursion in Argentina.

Gun and Caliber Selection:

Naturally, the guns and ammunition used on a hunting excursion are extremely important to the success of the hunt. For blackbuck, hunters typically have to take longer shots to avoid scaring the animal. Some standard rifle with a good scope will do. The recommended munitions include the 7mm RM rifle cartridge or the .300 Win Mag cartridge. Both of these choices have the range required and power desired to take down a blackbuck.


Best Guns & Caliber to Hunt Blackbuck

By SAASmangoadmin | July 25, 2022

When choosing a gun and caliber ideal for blackbuck hunting, it is important to consider the size, habitat, and nature of these animals. Blackbucks are considered moderate sized antelope and small to medium sized game in general, averaging 84 pounds.

Blackbuck Hunting Techniques:

Typically for blackbuck, hunters prefer to spot and stalk their target. This method requires the hunter to spot their target before the animal can see them. Hunters choose to lay low and wait for a herd to cross by before they begin carefully approaching the animal and taking a long shot at it. Small herds of blackbuck will roam the plains grazing as they search for water. As mentioned, the blackbuck is an extremely fast creature, which means that if the hunter spooks the animals, they will sprint away in an instant. 


Other hunters choose a still hunting technique when hunting blackbucks. This involves staking out a spot and waiting for a herd of blackbuck to walk by. This has the advantage of lowering the chance of spooking the animal as you prepare for the shot, but also requires hunters to wait for long hours in the same spot hoping for the right animal to pass by. 


The aim, like most animals of this variety, should be towards the heart or the lungs in the chest area. This location increases the likelihood of success in that there is a larger target to hit and a better chance to kill the animal opposed to injuring it and having the blackbuck scamper away. The head, on the other hand, is a much smaller target that is more prone to random movement by the animal increasing the likelihood of a missed shot and a spooked animal. What’s more, a headshot could potentially ruin the hunting trophy. 

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Tips and Tricks:

In general, preparation is a huge key to success in any hunting excursion, including hunting blackbucks in Argentina. Preparation includes proper attire and supplies such that you can survive and thrive in the wilderness given the weather conditions and temperatures during your stay. Preparation also includes proper guns and ammunition to complete the hunt when you encounter a blackbuck on your trip. 


Besides the physical preparations, mental preparations must be made as well. This includes the vital knowledge needed to find blackbuck. Important information here includes the fact that they are most active during the day, prefer to graze on low grasses, they move in herds and always in the search for more water. Patience is key for hunting in general, but especially blackbuck hunting. Keep in mind their extreme speed, which always threatens to ruin a good opportunity at a shot. Finally, enjoy the place you’re in! The scenery in Argentina is breathtaking and this fact shouldn’t be lost due to the task at hand.

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Best Locations in Argentina to Hunt Blackbuck

By SAASmangoadmin | November 1, 2022

Argentina is home to some of the best free range Blackbuck hunting in the world. There are more than 8,000 wild Blackbucks estimated to live in Argentina. Plan your trip today with South American Adventure Safaris to visit some of the best Blackbuck hunting spots on the globe

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