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March to November: El Carrizal La Pampa

The Axis deer are one of the most beautiful deer in the world.  The Axis deer came to Argentina in the 1920s as the Indian chital or spotted deer (cervus axis).  The spotted deer have three tines on each antler: a main beam, the brow tine which forms nearly a right angle with the main beam and the front tine of the terminal fork which is much longer than the hind tine. Trophies are judged on the overall length of the main beam.  Axis deer have been very successful in Argentina and trophies range in size with 25 to 30 inches common.

Axis Deer


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Season: March – July

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  • 6 Nigths and 5 Hunting Days
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About the Axis Deer

Axis Deer can be identified by their

  • White spots on their reddish-brown coat
  • Short tail with a black stripe
  • Three-pronged antlers
  • White patch on their throat
Making use of the Axis Deer

  • Meat yield ~45%
  • Hide ~12 sq. ft
  • Venison is tender and flavorful
  • Antlers can be used for knife handles or home decor
Axis Deer shot placement

  • When hunting Axis Deer, aim for the area behind the front shoulder, roughly one-third of the way up from the bottom of the chest. A suitable range for hunting this deer is between 50-250 yards.
The Axis Deer in Argentina

  • 15,000+ Axis Deer are found in Argentina
  • Most commonly found in the provinces of La Pampa, Buenos Aires, and Entre Ríos
  • Antlers typically have 6 points, with some reaching 8 or more
  • Trophy hunts in Argentina can yield Axis Deer with antlers measuring 30"+ in length


What is the average trophy size of an Axis Deer?

Axis Deer trophies range in size, however the average is about 25-30 inches. Axis Deer trophies are judged based on the overall length of the main beam. The main beam is one of the three tines that Axis Deer have on each antler. The other two tines are the brow tine and the terminal fork. 

What is the best method for hunting Axis Deer?
When is the best time to hunt Axis Deer.
What do Axis Deer look like?


March to November: El Carrizal La Pampa

Male Axis Deer reach nearly 35 inches at the shoulder and the head and body can be as high as 5.6 feet. Asxis deer are generally active throughout the day.  In the summer, they spend most of the day under shade when temperatures reach 80 °F.  Most axis forage before sunrise and peaks at mid-morning and then again in the late afternoon and eat until close to midnight.  Axis deer often move in single file on specific tracks.  Axis form Matriarchal herds comprising of adult females, her offspring and her offspring from previous years.  Herds are usually small but can be very large.  These are amazing animals to spot and stalk.

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