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March to November: El Carrizal La Pampa

Texas Dall sheep are a hybrid cross between Mouflon ewes and Rambouillet rams creating a snow white Corsican sheep that was bred for hunting.  These sheep range between 100 and 175 lbs. and have horns that can range from 25 to 28 inches.  Wild sheep are on different colors with white, brown and black predominance.  The white and black on these sheep make them easy to spot, offering a variety of ways in which they can be hunted.

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Custom Tailored Big Game & Bird Hunting Programs - Argentina

Season: March – July

  • 6 Nigths and 5 Hunting Days
  • One free range Red Stag trophy (no limit on score)
  • Full board lodging – Open Bar
  • One-on-one guiding


About the Wild Pampa Sheep

Wild Pampa Sheep can be identified by their:

  • Large, curled horns, which can grow up to several feet long
  • Thick, woolly coat
  • Stocky, muscular build
  • Short tail
Wild Pampa Sheep shot placement:

  • The ideal shot placement while hunting Wild Pampa Sheep is to aim at the center of the chest, just behind the front legs. This will hit the heart and lungs, ensuring a quick and humane kill. The recommended range to hunt Wild Pampa Sheep is between 100-300 yards.
Wild Pampa Sheep
Making use of Wild Pampa Sheep:

  • Meat yield ~50%
  • Hide ~15 sq. ft
  • Wool can be used for clothing and blankets
  • Horns can be used for decoration and crafts
Wild Pampa Sheep in Argentina:

  • Wild Pampa Sheep are native to Argentina and can be found in the pampas region.
  • They are considered a game species and can be hunted year-round.
  • Wild Pampa Sheep can be challenging to hunt due to their keen senses and ability to blend into their surroundings.
  • They can have a significant impact on the environment, as they can damage native vegetation and compete with native herbivores for resources.
  • The hunting of Wild Pampa Sheep in Argentina is regulated, and hunters must obtain the appropriate licenses and permits.


What do Wild Pampa Sheep look like?

Wild Pampa Sheep range between 100 and 175 pounds and have horns that can range from 25 to 28 inches. These sheep can have coats with varying colors that include white, brown, and black. The white and black on these sheep make them easy to spot when hunting.

Why hunt Wild Pampa Sheep?
What is the hunting season for Wild Pampa Sheep?


March to November: El Carrizal La Pampa

The wild Sheep are a unique breed of sheep with their own characteristics and traits.  These sheep begin to grow horns and never shed them.  The rams can grow to be upwards of 160lbs and they produce edible meat that is quite good.  These sheep make for a fantastic hunt.

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What We Provide Our Hunters...

Guns & Ammunition

As to plains game, we suggest riffles such as 7 mm RM or 300 WM caliber, fitted with a good scope. For water buffalo we recommend 375 HH caliber or bigger. For birdshooting 20 Ga. semi-automatic models are specially recommended. South American Adventure Safaris will provide premium quality ammunitions in 12 or 20 Ga. For 16, 28 and 410 calibers, please, order them in advance.

Munitions and cartridges will have to be dispatched in a hard box by separate as a registered baggage.

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