How to Prepare Water Buffalo After a Hunt

Water Buffalo Meat on Grill

Prepare Water Buffalo after a successful hunt with South American Adventure Safari. Buffalo meat, or carabeef, is more sustainable than beef and also more expensive. It is darker in color than beef and considered healthier as it is lower in fat.

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Blackbuck Hunting Techniques

Blackbuck square (500 x 400 px)

Explore important decisions regarding gun and ammunition selection for blackbuck hunting, blackbuck hunting techniques, as well as other general tips and tricks for a successful hunting excursion in Argentina.

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How to Prepare Red Stag After a Hunt

Venison on grill with South American Adventure Safari Logo-min

The meat from a red stag is venison, which is lean red meat with a rich and clean taste and no gamey flavor. It is high in protein and iron but low in fat and cholesterol, making it recognized by health and fitness professionals.

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Best Locations in Argentina to Hunt Blackbuck

Blackbuck (1)

Argentina is a very well known destination for hunting water buffalo. Water buffalo are more available for hunting in Argentina, along with a couple other surrounding South American countries, than anywhere else in the world. Learn about the best spots to hunt Water Buffalo here.

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Best Locations in Argentina to Dove Hunt

dove shooting 4th

Dove hunting is extremely popular in Argentina due to their high volume. In fact, high volume dove shooting is highly encouraged in Argentina as it reduces the damage to crops that the excessive bird population causes and protects harvests.

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Best Guns & Caliber to Hunt Blackbuck


When choosing a gun and caliber ideal for blackbuck hunting, it is important to consider the size, habitat, and nature of these animals. Blackbucks are considered moderate sized antelope and small to medium sized game in general, averaging 84 pounds.

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Red Stag Hunting Techniques

Gold Medal Red Stag Patagonia Image 7

Red stag hunting is very popular in Argentina, especially in the brush of Pampa and the mountains of Patagonia. Red stag are one of the largest species of deer, so they provide a substantial amount of meat. Red stag hunting has been a hunter’s favorite for many decades. You can learn more about this in our article titled “The History of Red Stag Hunting in Argentina”.

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Dove Hunting & Wingshooting Techniques

Wingshooting in Argentina Argentina is the #1 dove hunting destination in the world. Due to Argentina’s ideal temperate climate and abundance of agricultural lands and water, the country offers the very best high volume dove hunting, along with several other types of wingshooting including pigeon, duck, and perdiz. You can read more about Argentina’s role…

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