The History of Axis Deer Hunting in Argentina

How Did Axis Deer Hunting Get Started in Argentina?

Axis deer are a popular species to hunt all throughout the world, as their populations have been introduced and spread on multiple continents. Initially hailing from India where they are referred to as Indian chital, Axis deer are renowned for their beautiful reddish orange fur that is littered with unique white spots. These deer are equipped with antlers that they shed annually, but that can reach up to 30 inches tall and display fantastic curves and details. 

Axis Deer

This beauty is partially responsible for their introduction to South America; Axis deer were brought to Argentina by a wealthy landowner at the end of the 19th century as game to hunt. Aaron Anchorena, the wealthy individual, brought Axis deer along with Blackbuck to his land in Argentina and Uruguay, where both species thrived in their new environments. Originally released in the Bueno Aires region, Axis deer now thrive across a lot of South American territory and continue to expand making them a fantastic hunting option.

Facts and Statistics of Axis Deer Hunting in Argentina

  • Behaviorally, Axis deer act very similarly to white tail deer; the majority of their activity occurs at dusk and dawn to avoid the heat of the day. 
  • These deer live on average from nine to thirteen years in the wild, even longer in captivity. 
  • Axis deer produce on average between one to two fawn per year following an average 220 day gestation period.
  • Males grow antlers annually, which grow up to 30 inches tall, usually with about six points.
  • Males axis deer typically weigh between 150 and 250 pounds.
  • Female axis deer don’t produce antlers and will usually weigh between 90 and 150 pounds.
  • Axis deer are social animals; they usually travel in packs with between six to thirty individuals.
  • These deer are highly vocal creatures with numerous noises used to communicate.
  • Axis deer are considered invasive in some areas and of least concern for extinction making them a popular hunting target.

Where to Hunt Axis Deer in Argentina

As previously stated, Axis deer were initially introduced to the eastern Bueno Aires region of Argentina in the late 1800’s. These days, populations have spread to many different areas where they continue to thrive. One of the most popular areas to go hunting for Axis deer is in La Pompa province. La Pompa is a sparsely populated region in the central part of Argentina that is mostly known for flat terrain, which hosts agriculture, cattle ranching, and hunting. This province is host to over 50,000 acres of land filled with various creatures worth hunting.

La Pompa Province

Axis deer are an adaptable species in that they can survive in a variety of biomes including dense forests and valleys, but also open grasslands, savannahs, and plantations. This adaptability is key for an area like La Pompa, which has two distinct climates in the region. The west of La Pompa tends to be colder and more arid near the mountain ranges whereas the eastern part of the territory is subtropical. During the hottest months in the summer, averages change depending on where you go, but in general, temperatures average out to about 72 degrees fahrenheit whereas the winter months average around 44 degrees fahrenheit. These temperature averages change with factors like an increase or decrease in elevation. With such a diverse region, many sorts of atmospheric conditions can be found.

Axis Deer (1)

How to Hunt Axis Deer

Axis deer can be legally hunted year round in Argentina. Although, most hunting occurs between March and November where the bucks are equipped with antlers, which provide a fantastic trophy. When it comes to the hunt of Axis deer, proper planning and precautions need to be taken. This species is extremely jumpy, meaning that they will sprint off at the first sign of danger. Danger includes seeing or smelling predators, which points towards having camouflage and a scent eliminator on hand. 


Blind hunting, where you sit and wait for animals, is one of the most common methods to hunt Axis deer. However, for more experienced hunters or for those looking for more of an adventure, these animals can also be spot and stalked successfully. This success stems from the behavior of the deer as they usually travel in decently sized herds that move in a single file line making them easy to follow. Spot and stalking, though, introduces more opportunities for the hunter to scare away the animal through noises, smells, and movements.

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