SCI World Hunting Awards – South America

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Your hunting trip with South American Adventure Safaris can bring the great satisfaction of earning several impressive hunting achievements. South America is packed with hundreds of huntable species, which means ample opportunities for becoming a proud recipient of a Safari Club International World Hunting Award. These prestigious awards recognize notable hunting achievements along with exceptional…

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Best Locations in Argentina to Dove Hunt

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Dove hunting is extremely popular in Argentina due to their high volume. In fact, high volume dove shooting is highly encouraged in Argentina as it reduces the damage to crops that the excessive bird population causes and protects harvests.

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Best Guns & Caliber to Hunt Blackbuck


When choosing a gun and caliber ideal for blackbuck hunting, it is important to consider the size, habitat, and nature of these animals. Blackbucks are considered moderate sized antelope and small to medium sized game in general, averaging 84 pounds.

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Red Stag Hunting Techniques

Gold Medal Red Stag Patagonia Image 7

Red stag hunting is very popular in Argentina, especially in the brush of Pampa and the mountains of Patagonia. Red stag are one of the largest species of deer, so they provide a substantial amount of meat. Red stag hunting has been a hunter’s favorite for many decades. You can learn more about this in our article titled “The History of Red Stag Hunting in Argentina”.

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Dove Hunting & Wingshooting Techniques

Wingshooting in Argentina Argentina is the #1 dove hunting destination in the world. Due to Argentina’s ideal temperate climate and abundance of agricultural lands and water, the country offers the very best high volume dove hunting, along with several other types of wingshooting including pigeon, duck, and perdiz. You can read more about Argentina’s role…

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Best Guns and Caliber to Hunt Dove

When selecting the ideal gun and caliber for dove hunting, it is important to keep in mind that doves are small, fast birds that are typically hunted at 25 to 35 yards. They fly at 40-55 mph and are about 12 inches in length. Double barrels, pump-actions, and over-and-under shotguns all work really well for…

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Best Guns & Caliber to Hunt Red Stag

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When choosing a gun for any particular type of hunting, it is important to consider the body mass of the game and the distance you will be shooting from. On average, an adult red stag usually weighs around 440 pounds. Their antlers make up for an average of 12-14 pounds of their total weight. Table…

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How to Prepare Dove After a Hunt

Table of Contents: Cleaning Process How to Breast a Dove How to Pluck a Whole a Dove Cooking Process Try It for Yourself! Although small, weighing only an average of 4.5 ounces each, doves are commonly hunted for their meat. To feed one person, it usually takes about 2-3 doves. One dove makes for a…

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Hunting Laws in Argentina

Legal Background

Table of Contents: The History of Hunting in Argentina Laws around Guns & Ammo Hunting Laws By Species Hunt with the Experts in Argentina The History of Hunting in Argentina Ever since Argentina was founded in the early 1800s, hunting has been a huge part of the culture. In fact, traditional Argentinian cuisine is known…

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